• Breac
    Breac is an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal of Irish Studies founded in 2013. The journal has an international readership and a review board of established and emerging scholars at universities in the United States and abroad. Breac's initiatives include Reviews, which aspires to cover the best academic and creative work in the field, as well as Archives, a project under development which includes an emerging bibliography of criticism, commentary, and scholarship relating to Irish history, culture, and society. Breac is also invested in building tools for publication and scholarship that are unique to digital projects.
  • Canadian Journal of Irish Studies
    The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies is the official scholarly publication of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies. Founded in 1974, it has been edited at the University of British Columbia, the University of Saskatchewan, and Memorial University. The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies aims to publish articles, reviews, viewpoints and creative expression which promote an understanding and appreciation of Irish history and culture in their broadest terms. It has a special focus on aspects of the Irish experience in Canada and in other countries of the Irish diaspora. It reflects a variety of critical and methodological perspectives and welcomes in particular multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches. All articles are submitted to two referees before publication. Articles should be original and represent a new contribution to scholarship in Irish and Canadian Irish Studies.
  • Chris Arthur's Irish Essays
    This website is devoted to the writing of Irish essayist Chris Arthur.
  • Éire/Ireland
  • Estudios Irlandeses
    Estudios Irlandeses, the scholarly electronic journal of AEDEI (Spanish Association for Irish Studies) invites authors to submit contributions - in either English or Spanish - that engage in a critical and original way with aspects of Irish literature, history, arts and the media.
  • Études Irlandaises
    Études Irlandaises is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in English and French which explore all aspects of Irish literature, history, culture and arts from ancient times to the present. Études Irlandaises publishes twice a year on a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects including: poetry / fiction / drama / film / music / politics / economy / social studies, etc. General issues published in Spring alternate with special issues in Autumn. Etudes Irlandaises is aimed at scholars, postgraduate students, institutions specializing in Irish studies as well as people who have an informed interest in the subject. Each number has a comprehensive section devoted to recently published material on Ireland.
  • History Ireland
    History Ireland magazine has now been in production for nearly 20 years. Since 2004 it has been going from strength to strength, with a changeover to a full-colour format, a layout revamp and a move to bi-monthly publication in 2005. Each issue of History Ireland covers a wide variety of topics, from the earliest times to the present day, in an effort to give the reader a sense of the distant past but also to offer a contemporary edge. Every article is illustrated with photographs, maps or paintings to provide a vivid impression of the topic.
  • Hypermedia Joyce Studies
    Hypermedia Joyce Studies was founded in 1994 as a refereed journal of criticism and scholarship on the works of James Joyce. HJS publishes all its articles electronically on the World Wide Web and its form of publication makes it different from and a complement to other outlets for Joyce scholarship. Hypermedia Joyce Studies welcomes works representing any critical approach to any of Joyce´s works. Articles that involve feminism, cultural studies, postcolonialism, popular culture, poststructuralism, media and technology, historicism, formalism, textual criticism, etc. etc. are welcome. In order to make use of the Web´s capacities for hypertext and multimedia, we are particularly interested in articles written for hypertext and those that incorporate visual or sound elements. Articles of this kind could not be published in a print journal except in a drastically different form. We are also interested in short pieces which bring to light archival discoveries or offer concise readings of specific elements within Joyce's works.
  • Irish Political Studies (IPS)
    Irish Political Studies (IPS) is the only refereed journal exclusively dedicated to the publication of high-quality academic articles on Irish politics. It covers politics in the Republic of Ireland, in Northern Ireland, the politics of their bilateral relationship and the politics of their relationship with the United Kingdom, and the European Union. IPS is the official journal of the Political Studies Association of Ireland, the professional body of political scientists in Ireland, North and South.
    Founded in 1986 Irish Political Studies has served a crucial constituency of academics, students, journalists and political practitioners. It is the fundamental resource for any serious study of contemporary Ireland and has also contributed significantly to a greater understanding of Irish political science, political history, and has helped to place Irish politics in a broader comparative perspective.
  • The Irish Review
    The Irish Review is a refereed journal. Since it first appeared in 1986 it has established itself as a journal of record. It provides a forum for critical and creative writing in English and Irish. Its editorial policy is pluralist and interdisciplinary; pluralist in its commitment to involving writers from all parts of the island and from other countries; interdisciplinary in its desire to publish articles on the arts, society, philosophy, history, politics, the environment and science. The aim is to serve a general rather than a specialist readership.
  • Irish Studies Review
    Irish Studies Review is an indispensable resource for all those engaged in Irish studies and related disciplines. Founded in 1992, it has become an important forum for the scholarly development of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Irish studies and culture throughout the world. It serves a wide range of disciplinary communities, including history and archaeology, literary, cultural, gender and media studies, politics and economics, and music and the arts.
  • Irish Theatre Magazine
    The Irish Theatre Magazine is a quarterly magazine devoted to the timely and topical coverage of theatre in Ireland and Irish theatre around the world. Each issue contains features, reviews, commentary, columns, and news about productions, companies, individuals, venues, and festivals. The journal has ceased publication in 2014.
  • Irish University Review
  • James Joyce Quarterly
    For nearly forty-five years the James Joyce Quarterly has been the flagship journal of international Joyce studies. In each issue, the JJQ brings together a wide of array of critical and theoretical work focusing on the life, work, and reception of James Joyce. We encourage submissions of all types, welcoming archival, historical, biographical, and critical research. For submission guidelines see the website.
  • Journal of Franco-Irish Studies (JOFIS)
    JOFIS (Journal of Franco-Irish Studies) is a postgraduate online journal that seeks to explore relevant intersections and shared experiences between France and Ireland. It is edited by postgraduates for postgraduates and supplies invaluable editorial training, as well as a welcome publishing outlet, for those embarked on postgraduate studies in areas germane to the Franco-Irish nexus. It is a peer-reviewed journal, with the editor(s) and editorial board changing with each issue. In general, it is a biannual themed publication. The initiative is linked to the National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies at the Institute of Technology in Tallaght (Dublin) and is hosted by the Arrow digital repository at Dublin Institute of Technology (
  • Joyce Studies Annual
    JSA is a valuable resource for current research on the work of James Joyce. Each volume of the annual carries articles from leading Joyce scholars emphasizing the areas of historical, textual, and comparative criticism. Now in its eleventh year, JSA includes a comprehensive bibliography of the previous year´s Joyce-related publications. Key features of Joyce Studies Annual include previously unpublished text and photographs from the Harry Ransom Center´s extensive Joyce collection. For submission guidelines see the website.
  • Litteraria Pragensia
    Litteraria Pragensia is an international refereed academic journal focusing on literary and cultural theory, poetics, history of Western literatures and cultures and comparative literary and cultural studies. It prefers recent and contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches, the study of cultural regions and of the international context of Czech literature and culture. The most important publication format are special issues (so far, issues on the New Historicism, Utopias and the New World, Romanticism and cultural history, Swiss and Canadian literatures in French, Shakespeare and contemporary commercial culture, the theme of ruins in literature, the style in English poetry from the beginnings to the Renaissance, Deleuze´s theory of the literary machine, and Irish literature, have been published).
  • New Hibernia Review
  • Nordic Irish Studies
    Nordic Irish Studies is a peer-reviewed annual printed journal that was established in 2002 with the main aim of reflecting the research activities of the Centre for Irish Studies, Aarhus (CISA), Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies (DUCIS), and NISN (Nordic Irish Studies Network). The journal soon attracted the attention of Irish Studies specialists from beyond the borders of the Scandinavian countries, and the journal consequently broadened its approach to include research within the area of Irish Studies also produced outside Scandinavia.
    The aim of the journal is to publish quality research done by literature specialists, historians, social scientists, political scientists, musicologists, and geographers, as well as by scholars from other disciplines included in the field of Irish Studies. Nordic Irish Studies supports both the publication of inter-disciplinary work, and studies rooted in the methodologies and theories of the individual scholars’ disciplines.
  • Studi Irlandesi
    Italian Journal of Irish Studies hosted at the University of Florence.
  • The Oscholars
    The OSCHOLARS is a website created in February 2007 for a group of journals and webpages devoted to exploring the literature and arts of the fin-de-siècle.